The action of collecting and recycling plastic for the purchase of medical equipment

Ivan Bozinovic (38) knew from an early age that he wanted to help people. Ever since childhood he was dreaming about becoming a doctor. Finally, he made his dream come true. This devoted man is trying to do more than just treating patients in the Paraćin ambulance. He is trying to help the entire Serbian society with plastic bottles.

In June 2011, he founded the “Serbian Society for Emergency Situations”. That was the moment when Ivan decided to make a difference. He decided to help people even after his working hours. Since he is working in an ambulance in such a small town, there was often lack of the basic equipment. One day he realized that he needs to make a change, so came up with one unusual idea – collect plastic bottles to be sold to raise money for appliances and equipment for treating patients.

– I came up with the idea when I realized just how much plastic we throw away. I thought – why don’t we turn trash into something useful? Plastic bottles are resource that is available to everyone, and many people need help. Little by little I began to collect them and people were joining. The word went out. We started with 500 families who collected bottles. There are 5,000 families now and we expect to have around 10,000 – says Božinović.

This man turns tons of plastic into medicine. He signed a contract with one company that comes to pick up plastics and sends money into NGO’s account. So far, that money bought many medical supplies.

–Sometimes i did not have even basic stuff needed. I decided that it needs to stop. I use the money collected to buy the equipment that is most needed. Thus, by this moment, the plastic bottles “turned into” pressure measurement instrument, CTG so pregnant women do not have to go to the hospital for the analysis. We also bought the linens, but my wish is to buy a scanner which costs about 150,000 euro – says the doctor.

He informed entire municipality through media and received a positive response from everybody. To make everything easier, large jumbo bags were placed in the entire Paraćin municipality, so citizens can dispose their plastic. Beside Paraćin citizens, he included in this action some of the most famous restaurants and hotels not only in Paraćin but also in neighboring towns. All of them separate plastics every day whose sale helps the funds intended for buying medical equipment.

– All we need is time and motivation. People have the energy that should be focused on the right things such as this. That’s why our work should be maximally visible and we need media support.


Telegraf newspaper